Interview Coaching

Ace job interviews and get job offers.

Interview Coaching

Be successful in Job interviews through the expertise of a certified Interview Coach

A professional resume can get you in the door, but it will be up to you to sell yourself during the interview. Linking what you have to offer to what the employer is looking for is the key to answering interview questions effectively.

Who Should Participate in Interview Coaching?

Interview coaching can help you if...

  • You never receive a call for a second interview - much less a job offer - despite thinking you performed well in the interview. All you need is insights into what hiring managers are looking for. Then you are in a position to implement a winning strategy.
  • You haven't interviewed in a while and want to brush up on rusty interview skills. How many job interviews have you had in your life? None of us can be our best at something without at least some practice.
  • You are under pressure (been fired or laid off, have changed jobs too frequently). An interview coach can help you overcome just about any such challenge by teaching you to clearly communicate your winning points.

Why do I need Interview help?

A job interview is a series of questions, though usually conducted in a stressful situation; it can actually feel like a hostile interrogation!

The secret is to understand the style of questions, likely questions and above all, the structure to answering them.

So let a Negotium Recruitment Services Professional Interview Coach teach you the structured approach:

  • Put across your key selling points
  • Deal with your weaknesses
  • Overcome your fears in a stressful situation
  • Project the relevance of your skills
  • Convey your additional abilities and forward thinking
  • Ask questions that impress the Interviewer and prove your interest
  • Confidently follow-up post interview

Due to the challenging employment environment our experienced Interview Coaching team have put together an affordable package to help you get the job you want.


Interview Coaching Consultation $99:

•  1 hour Tailored Interview Coaching by experienced Interview Coach

•  Secrets to making a great first impression

•  Strategies to overcome nervousness and project confidence

•  Build rapport through body language and non-verbal communication

•  Learn how to answer commonly asked interview questions

•  How to effectively negotiate a competitive remuneration package

•  Confidently closing the deal and beating the competition

•  Delivered over the phone/email for your convenience

To organise a professional Interview Coaching Consultation by an experienced Interview Coach simply email your PayPal receipt number and Contact Details to:


One of our Interview Coaches will contact you within 24hrs to gain a comprehensive understanding of your requirements and Book a consultation time that suits you.


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