Recruitment Advertising

Integrated sourcing, prominent display, motivating content, resulting in proven outcomes.

Recruitment Advertising

The employment market in Australia is characterised by intense competition for talent. For employers to attract the highest quality candidates in the market they must entice candidates away from their existing roles. Negotium Recruitment Services' strategic approach presents compelling advertisements that entice the top performers.

Integrated Sourcing

Negotium Recruitment Services takes an integrated approach to candidate sourcing to ensure that client opportunities are effectively communicated to both candidates who are actively looking for a position and candidates who are currently employed but may entertain a move. This approach is based on extensive research of the local candidate market to identify job turnover, salary trends, company perceptions, and what will really motivate top candidates to join client organisations. Independent research conducted by Nielsen Media Research has identified that for every one active jobseeker that frequents online job boards, there are 2.2 people who also read these ads out of interest. It takes particularly compelling branding and content to garner applications from these currently employed high calibre candidates.

Prominent Display

Negotium Recruitment Services advertisements are prominently displayed in specialised templates utilizing premium services provided by online job board partners.  We use expertly designed job ad templates that have proven to be highly effective in eliciting applications from the most talented candidates.

Motivating Content

The single most important factor in converting the reader of an advertisement into a candidate is the way the advertisement is written. All Negotium Recruitment Services' Consultants receive professional training in effective ad writing and also work actively with candidates to write resumes, cover letters, and address selection criteria.

Proven Outcomes

Negotium Recruitment Services uses its professional training and industry experience to maximise the success of all advertising campaigns undertaken for clients. These campaigns are then analysed with our job board partners and continually improved.