Assessments and Testing

Successful systems are key to HR management.

Assessments and Testing

We are serious about providing our clients with the very best candidates available. To ensure the suitability of candidates we refer our candidates undertake rigorous functional and behavioural testing. This not only allows employers to choose the style of candidate they employ but better enables them to manage their employees effectively going forward.

Functional Assessment

Objectively assessing each candidate's level of skill in the key functional areas associated with the role is what enables Negotium Recruitment Services to consistently refer top performing candidates to our clients. Negotium Recruitment Services' candidates undertake a range of functional or skill assessments to verify their competency in:

  • Major software applications
  • Written communications
  • Contracts and Business Documents
  • Shorthand
  • Data entry
  • Record Management

We also test candidates to provide clients with important information regarding the candidate's:

  • Aptitude
  • Attention to detail
  • Alphanumeric and numeric capability

Psychometric Assessment

Negotium Recruitment Services uses psychometric testing to provide our clients with valuable information relating to candidate's temperament, style, motivation and underlying potential. Testing is tailored to the specifics of each role being recruited and is interpreted and reported on by a Registered Psychologist.